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FileMaker Coaches' Corner - Tip 7 – Slide Panel & Button Bar

Hey everyone. My name is Myles Debski, one of the coaches here with RCC.

This week I wanted to look at a cool tip with using a slide panel and a button bar instead of using a tab panel. Now in my example here, my customer actually sells insurance policies. So he has different types - health and dental; home and auto; business property and liability. And between those three there's different commission details whether that's rates etc. that he gets based on the Type of insurance policy.
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Now we had these on different tabs, but it was kind
of taking up extra space. So he asked if we could hide one of these panels. So if it's Home – Health/Dental - can we hide these? I said there's not really a way to hide a tab panel, but what we can do is use a slide panel and a button bar to achieve that same functionality.
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So I'm going to use some cooking show magic and flip over to a layout where I have this all wired in and let's look at what it does.

So here we have, if I double click on this right here, a slide control. This is located up here. You're gonna have a slide control. If I turn on these navigation dots you can see that I have these three panels. I can flip between, and I can actually name them. So if I bring over my Inspector and look. This first one’s named Health. The second one is named Home, and the third one is called Business. Now up here, this is a Button Bar. So right up here we have this button bar object which I can pull up the setup here. I see I have three of them – Health/Dental, Home/Auto, Business Prop/Liability. What I have on those you see this little icon. That means there's a hide applied to it. So if I look on this first one – Health/Dental - it says hide this button right here when the Policy Type, this field, is not Health/Dental. The same applies to these. So hide this one when it's not Home/Auto etc.

And then the last thing we did is on this Type field we
put a script trigger. That's what that little icon means. So if I look at our script trigger On Object Modify, whenever this data changes this script is triggered. If we look at that super simple little script, it says If that field, Policy Type, equals “Health/Dental” then Go
to Object “Health”. That's that first one. And the same visit this website for Auto and Business, etc.

So let's see how this works. We're going to Browse Mode. As I change this Policy Type, you see at the bottom what's happening. It is going to the
object down here at our slide panel and then the button bar is hiding based on this value. So actually I would shut off these dots here and it kind of shows you how you can't even tell that you have a panel down here. The data is just changing. So this way you can build out your commission rates or other fields and basically build out this whole area. You're not losing any space and you don't even see the other two panels that are going on.

So that's it for this week's Coaches’ Corner tip. If you have any questions or are interested in our coaching program, please send an email to RCC Support

If you want to learn more about slide panels and button bars check out our video courses at LearningFilemaker.com and also make sure you download a copy of our fully unlocked solution FM Starting Point at FM Startingpoint.com



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Right now all I have is the fast intro video on the way it's made use of, but I'll be including extra detailed videos and documentation within the around long run.

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Posted October 26, 2011 I have been developing with FileMaker for a very long time and I've constantly specialized in eBay and PayPal integration. I've bought a pretty good name inside the PayPal Group (I got the star developer award in 2008, 2009, and 2011) and i have ultimately taken enough time to build a list of tailor made features for FileMaker that provide you direct access to PayPal's API's. I want I might have performed this more info decades back mainly because it's already saved me loads of time.

Posted July 23, 2009 Really don't know if this could assistance for the reason that I'm coming with the standpoint of processing straight from my invoice db suing FileMaker rather than an internet browser but I have experienced some achievement thanks to the over posts.

I actually like these training videos. I recommend to any person who would like to understand the FileMaker System. They should check it out. The videos are really worth every single penny.

Richard has been associated with the FileMaker System considering that 1990 and has developed RCC into amongst the most important best tier FileMaker consultancies globally.

When the solution file begins it'll load quite a few capabilities into your FileMaker method. You'll find them below External Capabilities from any calculation dialog.

"I just wanted to say thank you to Sterling and everybody else for all of your enable! Plastic was the very first plug-in I've at any time utilised with Filemaker and There have been a little bit of a Mastering curve, but you men are actually really fully grasp and helpful.

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